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Monitoring of Community Dialogues
Programme Status:
Approved Active
Programme Number: 1105
Programme Executive Summary (Scope):

To facilitate community dialogues which aims to help community members identify their own challenges and come up with solutions to those challenges, be it HIV/AIDS, Education or Unemployment or poverty. This will be achieved through the utilization of the Community Capacity Enhancement (CCE) methodology. Community members will be invited to attend dialogues via Makgotla structures. This programme will train community to be pro-active as opposed to passive towards their social issues. There will be a dialogue and a follow up session facilitated per schedule

In scope:

  • Inviting community members for every dialogue to be facilitated
  • Arrangement of logistics
  • Conduct community dialogues
  • Follow up on task team established during dialogues
  • Compile reports,as per dialogue
  • Compile annual report
  • Develop a Train a Trainer program 
Key Focus Area: Health and Social Development
Focus Areas: Education and Skills Development, Health and Social Development, Environmental Management
Beneficiaries: Community
Regions: All Regions
Villages: Bobounja, All Villages
Institutions: Health & Social Development Services (HSDS)
Baseline Start Date: Wednesday 1 February 2012
Actual Start Date: Monday 14 January 2013
Approved Annual Budget: Hidden
Budget Variance:
2021 Year to date budget: Hidden
2021 Year to date expenses: Hidden
2021 Budget variance to date: 0 %
2021 Percentage of annual budget spent: 0 %
Risks: 6
Issues: Unresolved: 0
Resolved: 10
Total: 10



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