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Literacy Community Book Club
Programme Status:
Programme Number: 1914
Programme Executive Summary (Scope):

Literacy Community Book Clubs were established in several Royal Bafokeng Nation (RBN) villages and provided with approximately two hundred (200) books each. The initiative was implemented to encourage a culture of recreational reading and to increase literacy in the nation. When adults join book clubs in their respective communities, they set an important example inspiring young children to read and learn.

Throughout each year, the book clubs will be monitored by frequent visitations to individual clubs and club leaders' meetings. Club leaders will be trained and supplied with books and materials for their clubs.



  • Provide necessary resources

  • Liaise with book club leaders to encourage a culture of recreational reading within RBN communities

  • Assist book club leaders to motivate children in the RBN communities to read


  • Organising and/or paying for transport and/or catering

  • Managing the day-to-day functioning of the club

Key Focus Area: Education and Skills Development
Focus Areas: Education and Skills Development
Beneficiaries: Disabled, Principals, Teachers, Community, Children, RBN Employees, Senior Citizens, Women, Youth, South African Government
Regions: North Region, Central Region, North East Region, South East Region, Capital Region
Villages: Phokeng, Lefaragatlha, Bobounja, Lenatong, Luka, Diepkuil (Maile), Kanana, Serutube, Tantanana, Tlaseng, Marakana & Mosenthal, Roodekraalspruit, Kopman (Maile), Thekwane, Photsaneng, Mfidikwe, Mabitse, Tlapa & Tlapa East, Mogono, Mafenya, Lesung, Mafika, Motsitle (Mamerotse), Robega
Institutions: Royal Bafokeng Institute (RBI)
Baseline Start Date: Monday 2 February 2015
Actual Start Date: Monday 2 February 2015
Approved Annual Budget: Hidden
Budget Variance:
2020 Year to date budget: Hidden
2020 Year to date expenses: Hidden
2020 Budget variance to date: 0 %
2020 Percentage of annual budget spent: 0 %
Risks: 2
Issues: Unresolved: 0
Resolved: 1
Total: 1



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