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Casework (Capital and North Regions)
Programme Status:
Approved Active
Programme Number: 205
Programme Executive Summary (Scope):

To strengthen the family by empowering and equiping individuals, families, couples and community to be able to resolve their own social problems by attending to domestic cases and offering conselling, facilitating family and group sessions and awareness campaigns focusing on domestic issues such as abuse, rape and teenage pregnancies in ann the regions within RBN.

In Scope:

  • Intake
  • Joint Interviews
  • Counselling
  • Group work
  • Home visits
  • Administrative work-monitoring and evaluation
  • Awareness campaigns
Key Focus Area: Health and Social Development
Focus Areas: Education and Skills Development, Health and Social Development
Beneficiaries: Disabled, Local labourers, Community, Children, RBN Employees, Senior Citizens, Women, Youth, Other
Regions: Capital Region, North Region
Villages: Bobounja, Chaneng, Kgale, Lefaragatlha, Lenatong, Luka, Mafenya, Mogono, Phokeng, Rasimone, Robega
Institutions: Health & Social Development Services (HSDS)
Baseline Start Date: Wednesday 2 November 2011
Actual Start Date: Wednesday 27 January 2016
Approved Annual Budget: Hidden
Budget Variance:
2020 Year to date budget: Hidden
2020 Year to date expenses: Hidden
2020 Budget variance to date: 0 %
2020 Percentage of annual budget spent: 0 %
Risks: 3
Issues: Unresolved: 0
Resolved: 20
Total: 20



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