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RBI Post School: Hospitality (Ananda Campus)
Programme Status:
Approved Active
Programme Number: 2261
Programme Executive Summary (Scope):

Royal Bafokeng Institute offers Technical, Vocational and Educational Training (TVET) programmes that are aimed at out-of-school training and skills develpment.  Training is especially for the youth who do not wish to, or do not qualify to attend a university. The post school Programme Qualification Mix for the Hospitality Campus focuses on hospitality related qualifications that can be obtained through short skills training, learnerships or apprenticeships.

The Hospitality Campus is accredited with the QCTO for occupational qualifications, CATHSSETA for legacy learnerships and City & Guilds for international qualifications.


  • Oversight of the TVET Unit in 2024 to ensure the sustainable future curriculum delivery of accredited Skills Development qualifications and programmes.
  • Manage high performing provisioning of effective and efficient curriculum delivery at the TVET campuses.
  • Strategic management of TVET operations.
  • Strategically expand TVET programmes & funding through discretionary grand funding as well as industry partner funding.


  • Student Transport
  • Student Accommodation
  • Acting as a job agency
Key Focus Area: Education and Skills Development
Focus Areas: Education and Skills Development, Health and Social Development, Economic Development, Food Security
Beneficiaries: Disabled, Local labourers, Community, Bafokeng SMME's, RBN Employees, Women, Youth, South African Government
Regions: All Regions
Villages: Phokeng, Kgale, Lefaragatlha, Bobounja, Lenatong, Luka, Chaneng, Diepkuil (Maile), Kanana, Serutube, Tantanana, Tlaseng, Marakana & Mosenthal, Roodekraalspruit, Kopman (Maile), Thekwane, Photsaneng, Mfidikwe, Mabitse, Tlapa & Tlapa East, Mogono, Tsitsing, Rasimone, Mafenya, Lesung, Mafika, Maile Extension, Leloreng, Motsitle (Mamerotse), Mogojane, Robega, All Villages
Institutions: Royal Bafokeng Institute (RBI)
Baseline Start Date: Wednesday 27 January 2016
Actual Start Date: Monday 4 January 2016
Approved Annual Budget: Hidden
Budget Variance:
2024 Year to date budget: Hidden
2024 Year to date expenses: Hidden
2024 Budget variance to date: 0 %
2024 Percentage of annual budget spent: 0 %
Risks: 2
Issues: Unresolved: 0
Resolved: 4
Total: 4



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