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Establishment of the Deeds Office in RBN
Project Status:
Approved Active
Project Number: 2478
Project Scope:

To facilitate the process of establishing a deeds office in RBA to house records of each stand within the RBN. Previously there was no place where all records of stands were captured. The project will ensure that all records are captured either physically or electronicaly into a fully functional system. The project will be completed in August 2020.

In scope:

  • Creation of stand files within the existing Stand Application System
  • Appointment of a data capture
  • Procurement of Equipments
  • Capture the stand information into the files
  • Integration of the stand files with OPMO
  • Stand Audit
  • Monitoring and implementation
Key Focus Area: Governance & Administration
Focus Areas: Public & Community Utilities, Governance & Administration
Beneficiaries: Community
Regions: All Regions
Villages: Phokeng, Kgale, Lefaragatlha, Bobounja, Lenatong, Luka, Chaneng, Diepkuil (Maile), Kanana, Serutube, Tantanana, Tlaseng, Marakana & Mosenthal, Roodekraalspruit, Kopman (Maile), Thekwane, Photsaneng, Mfidikwe, Mabitse, Tlapa & Tlapa East, Mogono, Tsitsing, Rasimone, Mafenya, Lesung, Mafika, Maile Extension, Leloreng, Motsitle (Mamerotse), Mogojane, Robega, All Villages
Institutions: Infrastructure Maintenance
Progress Actual: 54.8 %
Progress Planned: 93.165 %
Baseline Start Date: Monday 15 October 2018
Baseline End Date: Friday 25 September 2020
Actual Start Date: Monday 15 October 2018
Actual End Date: Wednesday 28 October 2020
Schedule Variance:
-33 days
-4.641 %
Approved Total Budget: Hidden
Total Expenditures: Hidden
Estimated to Complete: Hidden
Total at Completion: Hidden
Budget Variance:
0 %
Risks: 2
Issues: Unresolved: 0
Resolved: 2
Total: 2




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