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Supreme Council Opening - 2020
Project Status:
Project Number: 2606
Project Scope:

To coordinate the opening of the Supreme Council on the 12th of March 2020 where Kgosi gives an overview of the ensuing year and progress registered for the past year.  This is achieved by Kgosi rendering a speech to the Supreme Council and invited dignitaries.  A booklet entailing the speech will be designed and printed and given to the entire guest including stakeholders and staff. Breakfast will be served by RBN local SMME and Lunch will be served at Marang hotel for all the guests.

In scope:

  • Establish a committee;
  • Production of the RBN review booklet;
  • Determine the guest list;
  • Design of invitations;
  • PA system;
  • Arrange for entertainment; and
  • Recruit ushers.
Key Focus Area: Governance & Administration
Focus Areas: All, Economic Development, Governance & Administration
Beneficiaries: Traditional leaders/Governance, Community, RBN Employees
Regions: Capital Region
Villages: Phokeng, Luka, Chaneng, Diepkuil (Maile), Kanana, Serutube, Tantanana, Tlaseng, Marakana & Mosenthal, Roodekraalspruit, Kopman (Maile), Thekwane, Photsaneng, Mfidikwe, Mabitse, Tlapa & Tlapa East, Mogono, Tsitsing, Rasimone, Mafenya, Lesung, Mafika, Maile Extension, Leloreng, Motsitle (Mamerotse), Mogojane, Robega
Institutions: Secretary of Traditional Governance
Progress Actual: 100 %
Progress Planned: 100 %
Baseline Start Date: Monday 24 February 2020
Baseline End Date: Monday 16 March 2020
Actual Start Date: Monday 24 February 2020
Actual End Date: Thursday 26 March 2020
Schedule Variance:
-10 days
-47.619 %
Approved Total Budget: Hidden
Total Expenditures: Hidden
Estimated to Complete: Hidden
Total at Completion: Hidden
Budget Variance:
0 %
Risks: 3
Issues: Unresolved: 0
Resolved: 0
Total: 0




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