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Employee Wellness Program
Programme Status:
Approved Active
Programme Number: 930
Programme Executive Summary (Scope):

 To assist the RBA employees and their families to manage their psychosocial problems in an effective manner.

In scope:

  • Render curative and preventative services to the RBA employees and their families
Key Focus Area: Health and Social Development
Focus Areas: Health and Social Development, Governance & Administration
Beneficiaries: RBN Employees
Regions: All Regions
Villages: Phokeng, Kgale, Lefaragatlha, Bobounja, Lenatong, Luka, Chaneng, Diepkuil (Maile), Kanana, Serutube, Tantanana, Tlaseng, Marakana & Mosenthal, Roodekraalspruit, Kopman (Maile), Thekwane, Photsaneng, Mfidikwe, Mabitse, Tlapa & Tlapa East, Mogono, Tsitsing, Rasimone, Mafenya, Lesung, Mafika, Maile Extension, Leloreng, Motsitle (Mamerotse), Mogojane, Robega, All Villages
Institutions: Health & Social Development Services (HSDS)
Baseline Start Date: Friday 4 November 2011
Actual Start Date: Monday 12 September 2011
Approved Annual Budget: Hidden
Budget Variance:
2020 Year to date budget: Hidden
2020 Year to date expenses: Hidden
2020 Budget variance to date: 0 %
2020 Percentage of annual budget spent: 0 %
Risks: 0
Issues: Unresolved: 1
Resolved: 11
Total: 12



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